Shelter Cove Marina - Sailboat


Effective March 1, 1995

Tenants, guests and others on the property and docks of Shelter Cove Marina (SCM) are to abide by the following rules and regulations to insure safety, attractiveness of the marina, cleanliness and common courtesy to others.

1.  Dinghies kept in the water must be kept within the confines of the tenants slip or in rented space which is to be assigned by the marina manager.  No dinghies or surfboards are permitted to be stored on docks, except on SCM dinghy racks.

2.  Boarding steps shall be limited to one for each boat.  The weight of equipment stored in steps shall not exceed fifty (50 lbs.) pounds.  The placements of such steps must be immediately adjacent to tenants boat.  Steps should not exceed 18" in width and not interfere with your neighbors access to the finger. 

3.  Non-breathing mats, mops, brushes, extra hose, extra lines, paint cans, hatches, boat covers, sails, life preservers, bait tanks, boarding ladders, spars, anchors and similar gear are not to be stored on the docks.  These items shall be stored in marina dock boxes or lockers only.  The Marina Manager shall advise any tenant of an infraction of this rule by mail or phone call.  If the infraction is not corrected within 10 days of notice, the Marina Staff will clean up the dock and after 30 days may dispose of any unclaimed material removed.  The tenant will be billed for any costs.

4.  All dock boxes must be provided by the marina.  Tenant owned dock boxes are not permitted on the docks.  Storage of toxic products in dock boxes is strictly prohibited.  See marina office for a list of toxic products and literature outlining clean and green boating practices.  The marina encourages the use of eco-friendly products.

5.  Vessels are not permitted to extend over the headwalk.

6.  Tenants are not permitted to make their boats available for business use, including chartering, without proper legal licenses and permission from the marina and San Diego Unified Port District.

7.  Boat workers and paid hands will be permitted access to boats, docks and grounds only for the specific purposes of their employment; such persons shall not live aboard boats.  Workers are required to provide proof of insurance and a valid business license prior to performing any work at Shelter Cove Marina.

8.  No Modification may be made or attached to any dock or slip by any tenant without prior approval of Shelter Cove management.

9.  The marina assumes no responsibility for injury to persons using the dock facilities.  Parents should restrict small children from docks and slips unless closely supervised.

10. The marina assumes no responsibility for property or vessels on or attached to dock facilities.  Tenants shall provide ample fenders and ensure all dock lines are in good state of repair.  Dock boxes and vessels should be locked when unattended.

11. Animals are permitted on dock facilities only when leashed and attended by the owner.

12. There shall be no bicycle, motor scooter or motor bike riding upon the docks or gangways.  Bikes and scooters are to be stored on the designated bicycle racks provided by the marina or on your vessel.  No bikes or scooters shall be stored on the docks.

13. There shall be no fueling operations of any kind on the premises, including the pumping of fuel tanks.

14. State and Federal laws prohibit the discharge of paint, sanding debris, hydrocarbons or chemicals into the water. Appropriate booms, shrouding or other containing devices must be in place to catch all droppings.  Docks must be protected from painting and repair projects.  No repair work, spray painting, electric sanding, or any work which would cause damage to the docks, harm to other vessels or pollution to the water will be allowed.  Vacuuming is recommended.   Any damage to the docks, harm to other vessels or pollution to the water will make the offender liable for the cost of cleaning, repair and/or repainting of the dock or vessel.  Pollution to the water could cause a fine to the offender by government authorities.  At no time shall any barbecues be used on the dock.  Barbecuing is allowed on the vessel only.

15. The marina will not be responsible for damage to or loss of personal property upon the marina premises.

16. No fishing from the docks will be permitted. Any cleaning of fish at the marina is expressly prohibited.

17. No disposal of drain oil, chemicals, paints, thinners or batteries in the trash permitted.

18. Please do not feed ducks and sea gulls as it encourages them to frequent the docks and thereby cause a health risk to the tenants.  Marina management will appreciate the cooperation of all tenants in discouraging ducks climbing on the docks.

19. No boat work to be done on docks.  Docks must be open and clear.

20. Tenants may not post "FOR SALE" signs or any other signs on boats berthed at the marina or on the docks.  Only marina yacht brokerages may post signs, and they must be pre-approved by marina staff.

21. The front docks between headwalks are to be kept clear for temporary use of vessels embarking and disembarking  passengers.

22. Push dock carts, provided outside the marina offices, are for the general use of the marina tenants.  They should be returned to the designated area as soon as possible.  Tenant owned carts may not be stored on docks.

23. The marina provides adequate restrooms.  Please refrain from using toilet facilities on boats at the docks unless they are self-contained.  It is illegal to discharge any foreign material into the waters of our basin or bay.

24. Please do not litter the grounds.  Trash and garbage are to be placed in proper containers.  Please note that the marina recycles!

25. Hoses should be neatly coiled and out of any walkways.

26. Tenants are responsible for their guests and their actions. 

28. Tenants wishing to stay aboard longer than the occasional 72 hour period shall inform the marina office and staff.

29. Plants are not to be stored or grown on the docks at any time.  Plants can be displayed aboard your vessel only.

30.  All shore power cords must be UL approved, molded marine power cords.  All couplings must be manufacturers’ waterproof couplings.

NOTE:  The management of the marina earnestly requests wholehearted observance of the above Rules.  If any regulations appear unreasonable or impose unnecessary inconveniences, the tenants concerned are invited to submit their problems for special consideration.